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Digital strategies for international development.

Why does international development have a communication problem? 

Why write 100-page reports when nobody reads past the executive summary? 

Why is open data not so open?

Why are success stories uninspiring? 


The problem is not the content, but how it is presented


Reports lack aesthetics to incite a visceral appeal. 

Open data lacks interactive visualization to stimulate behavioral understanding.

Success stories lack story-telling to inspire a reflective reaction. 


At 3CK, we create visceral, behavioral, and reflective products for you. 


Our mission is to bridge the communication gap in international development with the use of visual and interactive solutions. 

How We Work

We work how we live. We are a  global, remote team based out of Egypt, Indonesia, India, and Bangladesh while serving clients in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa. 



"Working with Himu is a great relief; he is clever, fast, can think like an entrepreneur, build like an architect and design like an artist."


Alexander Valeton

Creative Director, Media HQ


Introducing your project over and over again?


Every overview presentation and every introductory explanation costs you a half hour. How many hours is that in a year? In 5 years? 


Introduce your project once with infographics. 



Writing 100-page reports that no one reads?


How much of your team's time is wasted on writing reports that fail to communicate? 


Design 100-page reports that everyone reads. 


Are your presentations lacking the "oomph" factor? 

Don't miss out on opportunities to impress because of a bland presentation. 

Incite a visceral reaction from your audience with interactive presentations. 


"Before 3CK, working with designers was a time suck. The first version would be 20% correct and we would have to iterate the remaining 80%. With 3CK, the first version is highly rapid, intuitive, and easy to understand. I am always surprised at how easily the 3CK team summarizes complicated information: high-level important points without getting bogged down in details, simply done by looking at a report."


Tim Krupnik 

Senior Scientist and Systems Agronomist, CIMMYT


Motion Design

Struggling to communicate a complex idea? 


How many brilliant proposals have you written and lost because the methodology was too complex on paper? 


Simplify a complex idea with video animation. 

Whiteboard Animation

Need a fast training video? 

The latest crisis is developing and you need to hire thousands of employees on the ground. How ineffective is your onboarding? 

Onboard new staff with whiteboard animation explainers. 



"3CK is providing high quality, necessary and often demanded data solutions for sustainable development. We synergize our efforts to be able to support our clients with exceptional ICT services which 3CK provides globally."


Diana Brandes-van Dorresteijn

 Director, Development Connect


Software Architecture

Don't know where to start with your digital initiative? 


Would you build a house without an architect? Without a blueprint? Software development is the same, it requires an architect to design a blueprint before you build the solution, otherwise, you run into problems later. 


Begin your digital initiative with software architecture. 

Data Foundation

How to future-proof your software investment?


The data needed to solve development challenges are not stored neatly in one location. With distributed data sources, you need one source of truth that can be scaled and analyzed over time. 


Future-proof your software investment with data lakes. 

Predictive Analytics

Does your data only tell you what has already happened? 


Can your data predict what will happen next? Can your system tell you what to do about it? Evolve your problem-solving capacity with existing data. 


Predict trends and prescribe solutions with machine learning and artificial intelligence. 


"We have had the fortune to work with Himu and his team. In addition to their eye for design, the 3CK team is exceedingly professional, responsive, and efficient. Hands down the best, easiest and fastest experience I have had to date." 


Halla Maher Qaddumi

 Senior Water Economist, The World Bank