Hello, I am Himanshu Dhungana, my friends call me Himu. I am a TCK: officially Nepali, raised in Australia and Kenya, studied and worked in the USA, and now living in Bangladesh. "Where are you from?" is the hardest question you can ask me. Naturally, I couldn't resist the pun so I named the company 3CK.


It all started with the world's tallest building 

We went to Dubai when the Burj Khalifa was under construction. While driving through the city, you could see the structure, half complete, with multiple cranes on top of what was already built. The idea that you could put a crane on a building to finish the rest of the building was fascinating to me. I was destined to be a civil engineer. 



From civil engineering to civil society

When I went to university in the USA to study civil engineering, the reality was not so exciting. In fact, it was so boring that it made complete sense to move to Bangladesh and join the international development industry. ​



The biggest problem of them all

Working for an INGO, I experienced the inefficiencies of working in international development and how far behind the industry was from utilizing the latest technologies to solve social problems. It is not for a lack of intent, it is simply a communication problem. 



Around the world, from my laptop

I decided to address the communication problem I was seeing in Bangladesh by venturing out as an entrepreneur. International development's communication problem was steeped in complexity, so finding talent to address the problem became about finding people who could simplify. This talent was around the world: designers in Egypt & Indonesia, videographers in Ukraine and software engineers in India. Our remote team was born!



Care, protection, and guidance

Webster's dictionary defines a client as one who comes under your care, protection, and guidance. We have taken this definition to heart, and we do everything to ensure our clients receive value from working with us. Sometimes, the client needs care and protection from themselves, so I am more than happy to say "no" to your bad ideas. 



Mission to simplify

I imagine a world where artificial intelligence solves climate change through autonomous vehicles, and CRISPR eradicates wheat blast and Ebola. However, such lofty goals require us to work together, to be able to understand each other and it all begins with simple communication



On a personal note, I've traveled to 28 countries in 5 continents, picking up 4 languages along the way.  Check out my travel map below!


I have a not-so-secret superpower of endless curiosity, which drives me to be involved in the latest technologies. 


When I'm not solving communication challenges, I travel around the world with my beautiful partner, I try to solve the latest Netflix murder (Who killed Cathy? #imwithsteven), I play futsal, golf, chess, and read multiple books at the same time.